Intersection Improvement Study

TEC provided the Town of Wilmington with transportation master plan services for vital transportation corridors and intersections in a comprehensive assessment of town-wide vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic accommodations. The Town requested the study to provide pro-active planning in advance of private development and redevelopment projects throughout the Town and anticipate the need for a more comprehensive study of the Town’s transportation network. TEC collaborated with the Town to identify over 30 intersections for evaluation for general safety, traffic flow and operation, and provision of pedestrian and bicycle accommodations.  TEC recommended short and long term solutions for intersection operations, key pedestrian and bicycle upgrades, and compiled a prioritization list into a final study. Short-term improvements included items such as upgraded signage and pavement markings, provision of ADA-compliant crosswalks and ramps at existing sidewalk locations, re-activating signal detection for pedestrians and vehicles at signalized intersections, and modifications to existing traffic signal phasing or timing. Long-term improvements included items such as new traffic signal installations, realignment of unsignalized intersections to improve sight lines and reduce turning speeds, provision of new sidewalks in network vacancies, and addition of bicycle lanes along major corridors. Access to major destinations such as regional transit stations, residential areas, schools, retail centers and employment centers were considered.  Since its completion, Town staff have used the final report to program design and construction funds for long-term improvements and seek opportunities for reasonable off-site mitigation elements for area private developers. The Wilmington Town Engineer, Paul Alunni, praised our report for its “user friendly” guide for all departments to use related to transportation needs.
Wilmington, MA
  • Road safety audit
  • Transportation planning
  • Transportation master planning
  • Intersection design
  • Public outreach

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