Route 28 Corridor Improvements

TEC is supporting the Town with project development and public outreach to advance multi-modal improvements along a 3-mile length of the Route 28 corridor, which are intended to dovetail with the planned replacement of a 100-year old water main. TEC is a sub-consultant to Tata & Howard, the prime consultant designing the water main replacement.  The 3-mile corridor through this seasonal tourist destination presents unique challenges, as it is comprised of three distinct segments: a downtown shopping/dining district with high-turnover on-street parking, a densely developed commercial district with closely-spaced curb cuts, and a higher-speed residential district with many large street trees. TEC initially conducted a Road Safety Audit at three intersections and corridor segments with rates of vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian crash rates approximately three times the state average. Critical project needs include introduction of bicycle accommodations, improving pedestrian connectivity and accessibility, addressing flooding at key locations, improving traffic control at approximately ten key intersections, and wayfinding signage. The preliminary design includes a three-legged single-lane roundabout that must accommodate large boat trailers from nearby marinas. Three public meetings have been conducted to date to obtain public feedback as the design is advanced and funding sought through the Massachusetts State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

Falmouth, MA
  • Road safety audit
  • Public outreach
  • Transportation planning
  • Preliminary highway design

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