LCHC Pedestrian Bridge

TEC provided structural engineering services for the final design of a pedestrian bridge for the Lowell Community Health Center (LCHC). The pedestrian bridge spans the Hamilton Canal at 101 Jackson Street and provides pedestrian access to the newly renovated Phase II of the LCHC from an existing brick archway on Jackson Street. Historic plans indicated that there was once a bridge at this location, connecting the mill buildings on either side of the Hamilton Canal. 

TEC’s structural team designed cast-in-place concrete beam seats to dowel into the top of the existing granite canal walls and support the proposed steel beam/composite concrete deck superstructure. TEC analyzed the condition of the existing granite canal walls to confirm that the proposed loads could be properly supported by them. Steel beams were used for this structure to minimize the new loading on the existing granite canal walls, as compared to a similar sized concrete beam superstructure. Also, accessibility to the canal was extremely limited at this site, as the only way to set the beams was through a small brick archway; steel beams provided the best solution when considering the constructability of the structure. 

The bridge’s design live loads were limited to pedestrian loading and a small emergency vehicle, as steel bollards and the low height of the brick archway eliminated the potential for a vehicle to access the bridge. This reduction in loading allowed the design team to reduce the total height of the structure, to ensure the structure stayed within the volumetric easement over the canal. Our team also designed the bridge deck to allow for a snow and ice melt system to prevent the need for sand/salt/deicers during the winter months. This measure provides additional safety measures to those entering or leaving the LCHC.
The project received the ENR New England Best Regional Project Award for Best Health Care Project in 2018.
Lowell, MA
  • Bridge design
  • Site design
  • Utility coordination
  • Environmental permitting
  • Local permitting
  • ROW
  • Construction administration & inspection

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